WARNING: Motor racing is dangerous and persons attending this event do so entirely at their own risk. It is a condition of admission that all persons having any connection with the promotion and/ or organisation and/or conduct of the event including the owners of the land and drivers/owners of the vehicles are absolved from any liability arising out of any accidents howsoever caused resulting in damage and/or personal injury to spectators. By purchasing this ticket you agree to follow instructions of the Burt Munro Challenge Officials, Volunteers, Support Staff and Emergency services while at the event. For ticket related queries, phone the committee on burtmunro@greatsouth.nz.

  • Tickets are not transferable to another event.

  • Tickets are non-refundable even if the event is cancelled. Once tickets have been purchased, this order cannot be cancelled. Tickets are only refundable in cases of unforeseen circumstances and will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

  • The organisers are not obliged to replace lost or stolen tickets.

  • The organisers reserve the right, with reasonable cause, to refuse admission or remove any person from the event.

  • The organisers take no responsibility for unaccompanied children and reserve the right to refuse admission to unaccompanied children.

  • The organisers reserve the right to make changes to the event programme at any time.

  • While within the event area, patrons must not distribute any printed material without prior consent or behave in an indecent manner.

  • Any person who is deemed as intoxicated prior to entering the event will be refused entry.

  • You are attending this event at your own risk which includes loss to personal property.

  • By entering any of the Burt Munro Challenge Events or the Burt Munro Rally, you (or any children under the age of 15 in your care) may be filmed, photographed or taped and this may be used in future promotional materials the Burt Munro Challenge produces. It is deemed that a person by entering the event consents to the Burt Munro Challenge or third parties appointed by the festival for photographing, filming or taping. The Burt Munro Challenge or third parties appointed by the event organisers can broadcast, publish, licence and use any photographs, film, recordings or images without compensation. The Burt Munro Challenge, third parties and anyone acquiring from them a right to use the material are not liable to the subject for its use in any way.

Check out the Rally Site Information Sheet here and see what is happening at the Burt Munro Challenge Rally Site for 2024!


I have read and understood the Supplementary Regulations for this competition and agree to be bound by them and the Manual of Motorcycle Sport of Motorcycling New Zealand Inc. together with the terms of the Indemnification as hereunder, and the requirements of the Noise Restrictions as listed.  I indemnify Southland Motorcycle Club Inc, Motorcycling New Zealand Inc., Southern Dragways, Southland Sports car Club, Local Bodies and Landowner, their agents and all Officials against any claims arising from my attendance at this meeting. 

I forego any confidentiality of my records of attendance at this event to Official Organisations involved and concerned with the operations and safety of the event. I further consent to the details contained on this form being used for the purpose of the promotion and benefit of the Race Meeting concerned.

I hereby declare that the details I have written on this entry form are complete and correct.

For more information, check out the Competitor Event Information Manual here.

TRACK DAY Additional points to note:

Southland Honda Track Day Classes:

  • Beginner: (first timers) Coaching will be provided in this group, and passing is only allowed on the straight (on the right hand side)
  • Intermediate: This group is intended as a step up from group 1, or for those who may have attended other track days. Coaching provided, passing allowed on straight and brickyard , no heroes!
  • Expert: This group is for those who have attended other track days or faster bikes/riders. Passing allowed anywhere. No racing. No heroes. No crashing. Race: This is for race bikes only. A full MNZ licence will be required or one event licence may be purchased.

RIDING GEAR REQUIRED FOR TRACK DAY CLASSES (Race Class requires all safety gear as per MNZ MoM Road):

A full face motorcycle helmet that is in good condition with a clean visor. It is strongly recommended the helmet be less than 3 years old but cannot be more than 10 years old. Refer to https://mnz.co.nz/manuals-policies/manuals-of-motorcycle-sport/road/

  • Leather boots, motocross or touring type will do.
  • Leather gloves.
  • Full racing or touring leathers or, leather jacket of motorcycle riding type (not dress type), leather motorcycle pants which zip to the jacket.
  • Back Protector – A Chest Protector is also recommended.

HILL CLIMB Additional points to note:

  • All competitors must hold a current MNZ Championship license. No day licences. Do not send in your entry form without your MNZ licence number.

  • one rider, one bike please (apologies for any inconvenience caused).

  • Non MOM classes will be in accordance with the following supplementary regulations.

  • The timing of all Hill Climb Championships will be by electric or similar timing equipment.

  • All entrants will have a minimum of two practice runs before the start of competition followed by a maximum of three official timed runs in each class entered.

  • Competitors must nominate the class entered before the run is timed.

  • Two practice runs shall be deemed sufficient if more than one class is entered on the same machine.

  • A rider’s fastest timed run on the day will only count towards the class nominated before the run.

  • Please present your machine in a clean, tidy, and safe condition.

  • The organisers reserve the right to accept an entry and to manage the classes and race order as may be required due to time available and entries received.

  • Classes are restricted to 20 riders in each class.

  • Bluff Hill Climb organisers reserve the right to issue temporary numbers to avoid duplication. Competitors will be advised of any such change to their racing number along with their application acceptance by Monday 22 January 2024.

  • Please ensure your bike has clear readable numbers.

  • The Bluff Hill Climb will be restricted to the first 100 registrations.

DRAG RACING Additional points to note:

  • Drag racing to be conducted under NZDRA rules.

  • Street bikes must have a current WOF.

  • Bracket racing format will be employed.

  • Machine inspection is required for all bikes.

  • Riders under 10 seconds require one piece or zip together two-piece leathers and back protectors.

  • All riders require full safety gear.

  • Should a meeting or part of a meeting be cancelled, any entry refunds will be made at the sole discretions of the organisers. The organisers reserve the right to alter the meeting format as deemed necessary.

  • There will be demonstrations of interest during the course of the event.


BEACH RACES Additional points to note:

  • This event will be run under MNZ beach racing rules and the following supplementary regulations.

  • All Classes will conform to MNZ rules.

  • Non MOM classes will be in accordance with the following supplementary regulations.

  • Acceptance of entry will be posted to you; included with this will be sign in, scrutineering and other relevant information pertaining to this event.

  • SPECIAL EVENT UPGRADE LICENCE: For all riders who are competing in the Championship classes who hold a Club Licence, you can purchase a Special Event Upgrade Licence. This licence must be applied and paid for with this entry form by entry closing date. You must have competed in more than; Senior 3 previous MNZ permitted events; Junior 6 previous MNZ permitted events. Proof of which will be from your logbook. A rider can only purchase one Special Event Upgrade Licence in a licencing season – fee is $50.

  • Please present your machine in a clean tidy and safe condition.

  • The organisers reserve the right to accept an entry and to manage the classes and race order as may be required due to time available and entries received.

  • All races will have half-mile straights and be run in an anticlockwise direction.

  • Races will be started and finished by the drop of a flag.

  • There may be restrictions to race entry numbers in some classes, entries therefore will be on a first entered – first in basis.

  • There will a specified competitors parking area where you will also be able to tend to your bikes. Within this area will be several refuelling stations where you must fuel your bikes. This is a requirement of resource consent and the only place you are permitted to refuel your machine.

  • Please ensure your bike has clear readable numbers.

  • Pre 95 Open is for any motorcycle produced prior to 1995. Capacity open.

  • Clubman’s Class see www.smcc.org.nz/events/2024/clubmans.pdf

  • One Event Licence available for Clubman’s Class and Non Championship Classes only.

TERETONGA & NZ SUPERBIKES Additional points to note:

  • There will be two sprint races for all classes each day; some classes may be combined depending on entries at the close off date. 

  • Riders competing in NZ Championship classes are required to hold an MNZ Championship licence. Other classes require an MNZ Club Licence.

  • No dual classing in the same combined race e.g. if you enter superbike you cannot be in F1 as they will be run together, as with Supersport and F2. 

  • The winner of all senior classes will receive magnificent keepsake trophies and sashes for the first three place getters in each class. Presentation of trophies and sashes will be held at the Ascot Park Hotel Function centre commencing at 6.30pm.

  • Practice/qualifying is on Friday 9th February 2024 at Teretonga Raceway from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. The cost is included in the entry fee.

  • Qualifying times from Friday will apply in Race 1 for each class. Grid positions for subsequent races will be determined by your finishing order in the previous race. 

  • Race order etc. will be in the race program available at sign in. 

  • Non MOM classes will be in accordance with the following supplementary regulations.

  • Machines presented for examination must be presented in a clean and tidy condition.

NON MOM CLASS INFORMATION Additional points to note:

F1& F2 Regulations 

  • F1 and F2 class will exist for ‘formula’ type machines. The Capacity Groups listed below allow modifications to the machines to be carried out while still keeping a similar level of performance between machines. 

F1 Capacity Groups 

  • 601-1300cc maximum displacement, 4-8 cylinders, 4-stroke. 

  • 680-1300 cc maximum displacement, 3 cylinders, 4-stroke.

  • 751cc to open twin cylinder four stroke. 

  • 351-500cc maximum displacement, 4 cylinders, 2-stroke. 

  • 401-760cc maximum displacement, 2-3 cylinders, 2-stroke.

F2 Capacity Groups 

  • 401-600cc 4 cylinders, 4-stroke. 

  • 451-675 cc 3 cylinders, 4-stroke.

  • 651-750cc twin cylinder four stroke. 

  • 261-351cc competition based 2-stroke. 

  • 401-490cc production based 2-stroke.

Number Plate Colours and Placement

  • Refer to Motorcycling New Zealand Inc. Manual of Motorcycle Sport (F1 will be as per Superbike, F2 as per Supersport).

  • Refer 10.21b of Motorcycling New Zealand Inc. Manual of Motorcycle Sport.

Machine Specifications (general) 

  • All machines must comply with the relevant Motorcycling New Zealand Inc. Manual of Motorcycle Sport Rules such as Chapter 10. 

  • Machines with re-bored cylinders must remain within the appropriate capacity limit.

  • Be fitted with clip-on or road style handlebars. No MX, Motard, Enduro or trail/dual-purpose style of handlebars will be allowed. 

Engine Specifications 

  • Any aftermarket or race piston and ring set may be fitted provided the cylinder remains within the capacity limit. 

  • The original carburetor/fuel injection may be replaced by any brand or type.

  • No supercharging unless OEM. 

  • No nitrous or other performance enhancing add-ons of this type.

  • No oval piston engines.

Modifications Permitted 

  • Provided all the previous requirements are met and the machine complies with the relevant General Competition Rules, all other items are unrestricted. 

F3 Regulations 

  • Refer to Chapter 10 & Superlite Rules in Appendix B of the Motorcycling New Zealand Inc. Manual of Motorcyle Sport.


  • Refer www.cams-racing.org.nz/#classes-and-rules

BEARS Regulations 

  • Motorcycles must be of British, European, or American design with an engine and chassis of non-Asian design or manufacture. 

Alcohol Fuel 

  • BEARS 4 stroke machines may use alcohol fuel. Any machine using alcohol fuel must display “Dangerous Goods” or other appropriate stickers which clearly indicate its use, on the machine in a prominent place. 

  • The onus is on the riders to familiarise themselves with the MNZ regulations concerning machine preparation and safety equipment. If in doubt contact any MNZ affiliated club or your local regional coordinator. 

Machine eligibility for any class is at the discretion of the race committee. Ensure your machine complies with class rules. 

BEARS Formula One

  • Purpose built race bikes and technically advanced production sport bikes. Open capacity, fuel and tyres. 

BEARS Junior 

  • Purpose built race bikes of: Four stroke, 0-750cc multi cyl Max. 2 valves per cylinder air cooled – pump fuel, open tyres. 0-open single cyl – open fuel, open tyres. Two stroke, 0-350cc multi. 0-600cc single – pump fuel, open tyres.

SPEEDWAY Additional points to note:

  • The event will be run according to the Speedway New Zealand Rule Book.

  • All Riders and Swingers must hold current SNZ Inc licences and all vehicles must comply with the current Speedway New Zealand Rule Book and supplementary regulations.

  • Sidecar, Sidecar Support and Flat Tracker Classes only are required to provide their own TR2 MyLaps transponders as required per SNZ rules. Classic Sidecars i,e Pre 2000 Sidechairs are exempt.

  • Oreti Park Speedway reserves the right to issue temporary numbers to avoid duplication. Competitors will be advised of any such change to their racing number along with their application acceptance by Monday 22nd January 2024.

  • It is a condition of entry that competing bikes arrive at vehicle checking displaying the number allocated to them and that the numbers comply with the rules of Speedway New Zealand Inc (no cardboard/paper numbers etc.).

  • Oreti Park Speedway reserves the right to alter the format and closing date after consultation with officials if deemed necessary.

  • Sponsor transfers may be affixed to each bike.

  • Noise level of 95dba will be enforced and smoking is prohibited in the pit and dummy grid areas at all times.

  • In the event that you have forwarded an entry form and you discover that you cannot attend, you must notify Oreti Park Speedway of your inability to honour this contract in advance.

  • Alcoholic beverages will not be consumed in the pits until the end of the final race of the night’s programme. Smoking is not permitted in the pits.

Sign In & Vehicle Checking

  • Vehicle checking will be held at the track between 10am and 12pm on Saturday 10 February 2024.

  • There may be restrictions to race entry numbers so please get your entry in early to avoid disappointment.


  • Based on heats with a B & A Final (depending on entry numbers), aiming for a minimum of 3 rides for all classes.


  • Trophy for 1st and Sashes for 1st to 3rd overall. Prize giving will take place immediately after the final results are confirmed. 

Track Size

  • Length 408m, straights 15m, corners 25m


  • Lime, crusher dust and saw dust.

Rain Out

  • Should the event be “rained out”, the meeting will endeavor to hold the meeting the next day, details advised when rain-off announced.



    I/We wish to enter the above event(s) as detailed and by signing this entry form I/we declare that I/we understand the format and conditions of entry and agree to abide by them and also indemnify the track, their officials, MNZ/SNZ officials and staff from all liability in connection with my/our practice or racing at this meeting.  I/we declare that we have read and agree to the rules, regulations, and supplementary regulations relevant to my/our entry in this event.


    To Southland Motorcycle Club Inc, Southland Sports Car Club and Motorcycling NZ Inc;

    1. I have read the Supplementary Regulations* for this competition and agree to be bound by them and the Manual of Motorcycle Sport, the MNZ Constitution, and the MNZ Code of Conduct.

      *Supplementary Regulations also available at www.burtmunrochallenge.co.nz

    2. I am aware that the sport of Motorcycle Competition might:

      a) Cause me injury, serious or otherwise.

      b) Damage my property

    3. I wish to take part in the Burt Munro Challenge Weekend; and/or NZ Hill Climb Championships in Bluff; and/or Drag Racing at Teretonga Park Raceway; and/or Beach Racing & NZ Beach Racing Championships at Oreti Beach; and/or Road Racing at Teretonga Park Raceway; and/or Speedway Racing at Oreti Park Speedway.

    4. Neither I, nor anyone associated or connected with me, will make any claim against you or your officers, employees or agents in respect of:

      a) Any injury suffered by me, or

      b) Any damage to any of my property regardless of how the injury or damage occurs.

    5. I will indemnify you against all claims, damages or losses (including costs), which you incur as the direct or indirect result of any injury to me or damage to my property.

    6. I am physically fit and there is no health or other reason why I should not participate in the sport of Motorcycle Competition.

    7. I am aware that this disclaimer will not affect any legal obligations you have to me, which you cannot contract out of under New Zealand law.

    8. I agree that in this disclaimer “my property” includes any property owned by me or in my possession or under my control.

    9. I agree that this disclaimer will be binding on my family, my heirs, my legal assigns and my administrators and executors.

    10. I accept that stripping and reassembly of my motorcycle for Technical Checks are at my cost

    11. I consent to the details contained in this form being held by the Southland Motorcycle Club for the purpose of the promotion and the benefit of the race meeting concerned and motorcycling in general. I acknowledge my right to access and correction of this information. The consent is given in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993.

    12. MNZ Supports the FIM/IOC charter on drugs in sport. MNZ uses the services of Drug Free Sport NZ and other agencies to professionally carry out the testing. Iform I may be subjected to a drug/alcohol test at any time. I agree to such testing. I further agree that my name can be published by MNZ as having taken part in a drug/alcohol test together with the result of that testing.

    13. I confirm that my machine complies with any technical rule(s) set out in the Manual of Motorcycle Sport and/or the Supplementary Regulations and that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, it is in safe working order and fit for competition.

    14. Southland Motorcycle Club is not liable for any failure to hold or complete the event on the scheduled date if the organiser is prevented from doing so due to any force majeure event. In such case no refund of any entry fees or other competitor payments will be made and the organisers shall not be required to re-schedule the event. The organisers reserve the right to alter the meeting format as deemed necessary.